I do these practices for the enlightenment of all beings indirectly through the enlightenment of this being; directly when capable.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My First Spring Remote Meditation Begging Session Goal $1,000
It has been made clear to me part of my practice is to beg. Towards that end, here is my digital begging bowl:

1- Easiest Secure Method Provided by Square Cash:
a) Simply click on the secure link above, enter a debit card number, a little note if you want, and click pay; 
b) Square Cash will ask you for an email or a SMS enabled cell phone number to confirm the transaction;
c) Square Cash will then send you a confirmation number to enter;
d) After you enter the number, your transaction will be complete.

2- Second Secure Method Provided by Popmoney:
Copy this email address:
and go to your bank's website (Well's Fargo, Citibank etc) and login to access your bank's Popmoney link.

If your bank doesn't have a Popmoney link, use www.popmoney.com and enter choodewa@gmail.com into the main page.

I will use any cash gifts for: rice, beans, other food items and transporation to get those items to remote meditation sites (and clothes as needed). I'll post pictures of purchased items to this blog. It is the actual transportation that costs the most.

Until I find a better method to get the food to the remote location, I'll need to come out every six months (limits storage issues).  I'm choosing May and October to be the months I spend out of isolation to beg for food, transport the food, post to this blog, and reply to donors.

Once I reach the six month goal of $1000 usd, I will make a final blog post and be offline until October. If you want to meet me in person, there is a high probability I might be able to attend the Nyungne or Dorje Drolod retreat at the Zuni Mountain Stupa (http://zunimountainstupa.org) to meet with my teachers.

Please note that gifts to support my remote meditation are not tax deductible. If your sole goal is a tax write off, here are non-profit organizations supporting Tibetan Buddhist practice: