I do these practices for the enlightenment of all beings indirectly through the enlightenment of this being; directly when capable.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Root Teacher Instructions

First, Thanks and What I accomplished

I've slept in the Zuni Mountains for approximately 60 days; of those 60 days I did the following:

-for 21 days, I practiced 8 hours or more per day;

-for 23 days, I practiced 9.5 hours or more per day (my voice could not sustain more hours although there was still sunlight left even after 9.5 hours);

-the remaining 16 days, I spent moving campsites, preparing for the arrival of Lama Urgyen the first week of June, preparing for the arrival of Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche mid-July, and repaying a few past favors by doing some IT work/gardening work (these days I also did practice but not full days).

-I completed 3 legs of my preliminary practices in the Zuni Mountain Stupa -Thanks to all of you who donated; without your donations, I may have never finished these accumulations.



 Mid-July Root Teacher Advice

While I won't publish every thing he advised, here are the things which affect this blog:

-pay a little more attention to money;

-go to Nepal and practice at four specific sites.



What's Next?

While begging provided food for this summer, it does not appear to be sufficient to support a trip to Nepal for a extended time -I will find income to save for such a trip.  I'd rather not put off finding income until later (winter isn't the best time to be floundering about without income),  so I've left the Zuni Mountains in search of that income.  I'll post pictures of my time in the Zunis after July 27th.

Once I've saved enough to go to Nepal, I will post again before I leave for Nepal.



So now, only donate if you want to support my trip to Nepal with the understanding that I will be looking for income/working (rather than being in intensive retreat) until I have sufficient funds for an extended trip to Nepal.