I do these practices for the enlightenment of all beings indirectly through the enlightenment of this being; directly when capable.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Root Teacher Instructions

First, Thanks and What I accomplished

I've slept in the Zuni Mountains for approximately 60 days; of those 60 days I did the following:

-for 21 days, I practiced 8 hours or more per day;

-for 23 days, I practiced 9.5 hours or more per day (my voice could not sustain more hours although there was still sunlight left even after 9.5 hours);

-the remaining 16 days, I spent moving campsites, preparing for the arrival of Lama Urgyen the first week of June, preparing for the arrival of Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche mid-July, and repaying a few past favors by doing some IT work/gardening work (these days I also did practice but not full days).

-I completed 3 legs of my preliminary practices in the Zuni Mountain Stupa -Thanks to all of you who donated; without your donations, I may have never finished these accumulations.



 Mid-July Root Teacher Advice

While I won't publish every thing he advised, here are the things which affect this blog:

-pay a little more attention to money;

-go to Nepal and practice at four specific sites.



What's Next?

While begging provided food for this summer, it does not appear to be sufficient to support a trip to Nepal for a extended time -I will find income to save for such a trip.  I'd rather not put off finding income until later (winter isn't the best time to be floundering about without income),  so I've left the Zuni Mountains in search of that income.  I'll post pictures of my time in the Zunis after July 27th.

Once I've saved enough to go to Nepal, I will post again before I leave for Nepal.



So now, only donate if you want to support my trip to Nepal with the understanding that I will be looking for income/working (rather than being in intensive retreat) until I have sufficient funds for an extended trip to Nepal.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Departure Time Has Arrived

May 23rd or 24th is when I leave but I will not be making any more posts to this blog until the end of July or later when I see my Teachers at the Zuni Stupa.

No, I didn't get all I had hoped for: not enough for good hiking shoes and not enough for a return trip: no worries, I can still beg in other areas barefoot if it comes to that :)  

If you want to make a gift to support this practice while I'm offline, I will definitely, respond when I return to a place with Internet access.

Thank You Ogden, Utah!!!

Thank You Salt Lake City, Utah!!!

Thank You Barbara!!!

Some of you gave when you had so little, some of you gave when you had already given to others, and some of you gave just because  -I will not waste a moment of mountain time!




Thursday, May 19, 2016

I run across many people in begging to support my practice. One brave woman invited me into her house and asked to use a machine which measures Chi (bio electric energy). I consented but on the condition that we do a before and after test.
"Before" I had biked 7.5 miles, walked 1 mile, and knocked on many doors without result.
"After" I did 7 rolling breathes and two Vajrasattva repetitions WHICH TOOK LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!!!!

This is proof to my family, friends and world that these practices have direct and real effect.

To my family: "Now you know why I won't give up on studying this information" and "Please continue to be patient with me tho you can't see the results so easily".

Here are the teachers, listed in chronological order, who gave me the techniques, loving kindness and other blessings in order to be able to do this:

Michael Phillips
Mike Bingo
Bing Lee
Kay Star Kutch
Bhaka Tulku Rinpoche
Tulku Orgyen Phunstock Rinpoche
Lama Urgyen
Khenpo Tenkyong
Lama Thendup
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche
Lama Lodro Lhamo



To those who aren't familiar with these types of practices, please realize the ability to do this takes every day practice of a very accurate and precise type.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weather permitting, I'll continue fund raising until the 23rd of May.

The reason for continued fund raising is because I still need a good pair of hard core hiking shoes, socks, and funds to return to a large city for my fall fund raising session (not to mention funds to replenish food in the five gallon buckets).

     If you want to see the food and items I've purchased with donations, click on the link "How Donations Were Spent" on the right side bar.

     As of today, I've loaded two 5 gallon buckets with beans, rice, and rolled oats. I've also prepared the contents of my pack with the exception of clothes, coat, and a wool blanket.   ...the mountains await me and I them  :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My First Spring Remote Meditation Begging Session Goal $1,000
It has been made clear to me part of my practice is to beg. Towards that end, here is my digital begging bowl:

1- Easiest Secure Method Provided by Square Cash:
a) Simply click on the secure link above, enter a debit card number, a little note if you want, and click pay; 
b) Square Cash will ask you for an email or a SMS enabled cell phone number to confirm the transaction;
c) Square Cash will then send you a confirmation number to enter;
d) After you enter the number, your transaction will be complete.

2- Second Secure Method Provided by Popmoney:
Copy this email address:
and go to your bank's website (Well's Fargo, Citibank etc) and login to access your bank's Popmoney link.

If your bank doesn't have a Popmoney link, use www.popmoney.com and enter choodewa@gmail.com into the main page.

I will use any cash gifts for: rice, beans, other food items and transporation to get those items to remote meditation sites (and clothes as needed). I'll post pictures of purchased items to this blog. It is the actual transportation that costs the most.

Until I find a better method to get the food to the remote location, I'll need to come out every six months (limits storage issues).  I'm choosing May and October to be the months I spend out of isolation to beg for food, transport the food, post to this blog, and reply to donors.

Once I reach the six month goal of $1000 usd, I will make a final blog post and be offline until October. If you want to meet me in person, there is a high probability I might be able to attend the Nyungne or Dorje Drolod retreat at the Zuni Mountain Stupa (http://zunimountainstupa.org) to meet with my teachers.

Please note that gifts to support my remote meditation are not tax deductible. If your sole goal is a tax write off, here are non-profit organizations supporting Tibetan Buddhist practice: