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How 2016 Donations Were Spent

Expenditure of Funds To Date

To date, I have spent $118 on the food you see below, the raincoat and the solar evacuated tube (solar oven for a backpack). I spent $11 on a Front Runner ticket to SLC in hopes of more donations (which turned out not to pay off).

I will pay $200 to be dropped off (about a 10 hour drive for the person doing it).

 Date, Amount, Picture

20160510, $20.85
 22 lbs of rolled Oats at a discount!
Purchased rain pancho (green on the left) $25.78 with shipping and a solar evacuated tube 15+20ship =$35

The solar tube which will be my solar oven is in the pack items picture below.

Now fill two buckets with food:
3" deep in 10.25" dia bucket of brown rice....

....8.75" deep in 10.25" dia bucket of rolled oats....
 ...small 4lb bag of black beans on top of oats...and bucket #1 is pretty much done except for some more oats to fill around the bean bag.
Now Bucket #2: 20lbs of white rice and assorted beans on top...
Fill around other beans in bags with red beans and bucket #2 is complete.

These items (minus parka, clothes and wool blanket) are what I use to get to the remote area, to live at the remote area, and leave the remote area.

The solar evacuated tube is slightly covered by the brown hat.

This also serves as a record in case I have to prove what I had in my bag while on the road.

I made a mistake today; I paid $11.00 for a trip to Salt Lake City to see if I could obtain more donations. While I did receive $30 in donations there, I ended up with the exact total Ogden gave me yesterday. My apologies for mis-using these funds.

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