I do these practices for the enlightenment of all beings indirectly through the enlightenment of this being; directly when capable.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I run across many people in begging to support my practice. One brave woman invited me into her house and asked to use a machine which measures Chi (bio electric energy). I consented but on the condition that we do a before and after test.
"Before" I had biked 7.5 miles, walked 1 mile, and knocked on many doors without result.
"After" I did 7 rolling breathes and two Vajrasattva repetitions WHICH TOOK LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!!!!

This is proof to my family, friends and world that these practices have direct and real effect.

To my family: "Now you know why I won't give up on studying this information" and "Please continue to be patient with me tho you can't see the results so easily".

Here are the teachers, listed in chronological order, who gave me the techniques, loving kindness and other blessings in order to be able to do this:

Michael Phillips
Mike Bingo
Bing Lee
Kay Star Kutch
Bhaka Tulku Rinpoche
Tulku Orgyen Phunstock Rinpoche
Lama Urgyen
Khenpo Tenkyong
Lama Thendup
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche
Lama Lodro Lhamo



To those who aren't familiar with these types of practices, please realize the ability to do this takes every day practice of a very accurate and precise type.

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