I do these practices for the enlightenment of all beings indirectly through the enlightenment of this being; directly when capable.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Departure Time Has Arrived

May 23rd or 24th is when I leave but I will not be making any more posts to this blog until the end of July or later when I see my Teachers at the Zuni Stupa.

No, I didn't get all I had hoped for: not enough for good hiking shoes and not enough for a return trip: no worries, I can still beg in other areas barefoot if it comes to that :)  

If you want to make a gift to support this practice while I'm offline, I will definitely, respond when I return to a place with Internet access.

Thank You Ogden, Utah!!!

Thank You Salt Lake City, Utah!!!

Thank You Barbara!!!

Some of you gave when you had so little, some of you gave when you had already given to others, and some of you gave just because  -I will not waste a moment of mountain time!




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